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July 15, 2013
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HMLS - Dyera (updated) by rikurikuri HMLS - Dyera (updated) by rikurikuri
sdjjhbachkjzbmachjsk thank you very much for :iconnekoyasha89: for editing the background and increase awesomeness level by 1000% /slap
aaaaaaaaand :iconlunallachi: for helping me revamping the app ;;;;;v;;;;;;;;;;;;; thank youuuu :iconrubcheeksplz:

It's first time I'm being invited to a group asdfghjkl my feelings--:iconasdfghplz:

for :iconhmls::iconhmls::iconhmls:

what is anatomy. what is proportion. *cries*

previous design : [link]

available for RP on facebook (riku--preferably Indonesian), note or just place your comment here :D

EDIT 1 : Change his personality a bit because he goes way OOC every RPing :iconpapmingplz:

EDIT 2 : Redraw him |||orz :iconimdeadplz:

EDIT 3 : Added extras and increase his height...

EDIT 4 : Revamping OvO now he's using his everyday outfit ~

alternate outfit: [link]


Name : Dyera Seqouiea

Nickname : Dyera, Kou(close friend only)

Age : 19

Position : Vicius of Area VII

Magus Tattoo Location : at the back of his right ear

Real Life Job : Bookstore shop-assistant

Gender : Male

Weapon : None
Abilities :
*Control everything that has wood as main element,such as furniture, books, or even log house. Oh,trees included. He can restore cut-off, fall or broken trees to its original state,as long as the damage was man-made. He also can manipulate the form or properties of those things, so a paper can be as sharp as razor blade and a log can be as hard as rock. However, the effect is not permanent.
*Sprout up thorned plant from ground and use it for attacking enemy or as shield, kinda like Yogi's from Karneval. This "plant" can be super hard and quite resistant from cold air or fire. However, using this abilities consume his energy and he will be VERY exhausted afterwards.
*Other ability are yet to be revealed

History :
His family is a subsistent lumberjack which live near the forest. He noticed his unusual abilities when he was seven--he unintentionally plucked a giant oak tree from the ground. His parents know about this and decided to exiled him deep in the forest. "Play there and never come back," that's what his parents said. Before releasing him, his parents shows him his tatto--and Dyera understand why he never see it by himself before. Not long after, a rich man found him and decided to bring him to his mansion. Dyera amazed with huge library inside the mansion, and likes to kill his free time inside. He often help the librarian take care of the books. Later, the rich man saw his tattoo and become extremely scared--probably because his wife was slaughtered by a rampaging magus. The acquaintance of the librarian, a bookstore, gives him a shelter. Eventually, he became shop-assistant and met his Duce there.

Personality :
*A bit lazy. Well, he can arrange books without even touching it,so it can't be helped....
*Dyera is not a very sociable person, but not an extremely introvert either. But lately, he tends to build relationship with another magus because he is fond of cute shota and lolis and enjoyed teasing them
*Kinda sloppy, he often leave his shirt unbuttoned and sometimes forget to zip his pants. *sigh* //dunno why
*Can be unpredictable sometimes...

Extras :
*182 cm / 62 kg.
*He has a mole under his right eye.
*His favorite color is pink and green. He has weird interest on anyone who has pink features, such as pink hair or pink iris...And sometimes it can lead to a 'dangerous' situation. Orz
*He is bisexual--and could swing both ways (seke :iconlazeplz:)
*He has never been maintain a good and deep relationship with women...or maybe with anyone |||orz
*Although he looks goofy, he is quite intelligent, maybe because he likes reading so much.
*His last name contains five vocals at once...
*He has lots of spare time so he often do housework hobbies (?) such as knitting and crocheting. He mostly learn those hobbies from housemaids when he was at the rich man's house. In this app, he's wearing a handmade sweater made by himself.

Relationship :
* Joulle (=hisagiku's): His Duce -- "Joulle is fun to be bullied teased." /shot
* Orion (~nekoyasha89's) : Gladly helps him on the bookstore.
* Lecter (~barutut's) : former roommate and bestfriend forever~ got friendzoned lmaooo
* Alan (*bejowish's): as his model =D
* Cleon (*ahoguu's) : Dyera tends to spent most of his time indoor,either it's in the bookstore or library, so Cleon asks him to play outdoor whenever he comes over with his lovely (?) Duce, Orion.
* Pierre (=Fina-chizu's) : tiger and cat [link] [link]
* Katia (*IchigoMei-Chan's) : a fellow magus. XD
*Scavalke (~lunallachi's) : Dyera saves him when he was reporting forest fire in Romania (and accidentally shoot Dyera so his face appeared once in France's national TV channel :iconorzplz: . Later, Dyera kinda regretted his act..orz

let's make a relationship OwO

Quote : "Don't judge a book by its cover...Oh,and real man wears pink"
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